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5 ways good design can improve your business

They say that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But let’s face it, we all do. We can’t help it and we shouldn’t try to in certain situations. Judging other creatures, lands, fruits, etc by their looks is what kept the human race educated and alive since the primitive ages. It’s in our genes. In fact, judging things by its appearances is perhaps one of our most vital defense mechanisms.

And this mechanism certainly isn’t shutting off in your potential customers when you’ll be asking them to spend their hard earned money on your product. In fact, it’ll be running 10 times faster. They will be judging the value of your product and services by how you package and promote it even before they have a chance to use it. If that is not a strong enough reason for you to prioritize design for your business, I’ll give you five more.


Value Of First Impressions

Imagine you’re interviewing a few professionals. One of them will be selected as a salesman, responsible to bring your product/services door-to-door to potential customers. And then one of them comes wearing baggy jeans, a wrinkled t-shirt, and messy hair. Even before asking him questions or glancing over his resume, would you feel comfortable placing your product in this person’s hands to be sold to your customers? I bet you wouldn’t.

Yes, all of this might strike some of our moral nerves. But as discussed before, we will be judged visually and we will judge visually. That is how we reduce risk and increase efficiency. Your products and services will be judged similarly by potential buyers. They’ll first look at the packaging, the logo, the name and the words used to present your product. The colors, the shapes, and the words will start a chemical reaction in your viewer’s minds and within seconds they’ll conclude an impression on your product. And it’s your job to take advantage of this phenomena and make sure your product makes a positive impression that lasts.


Stand Out With Good Design

If you’re still reading this, chances are you have a product that you really believe in and you want to take advantage of everything there is out there to make everyone else believe in it too.

Well, I congratulate you. From my experience, I have seen this to be the right path to excelling at any craft. However, in our day to day lives, everyone is being stuffed with products, services, ideas to believe in, by giant corporations, individuals, coffee shops, etc. Design is the key to standing out from the sea of products and attracting the eyes enough to give your idea a valid chance.

Ask yourself this, despite there being so many tech companies, why is there such a demand for that sleek looking Apple device, while there are devices with similar features for much lower costs. Now I understand, you might be thinking that “I don’t care about looks when it comes to a computer, I want the great features for the reasonable price”. And that’s fair, but remember, that’s just you. If a lot of people didn’t care about the visual appeal of products, Apple wouldn’t be one of the biggest companies in the world. That is the genius of Steve Jobs, he understood the impact of visual fluency on a user’s mind and he took full advantage of it and stood out better than any company in history.


Good Design Communicates Your Story

Well designed graphics that communicate properly is the fastest way to tell your story to the world. Yes, there are much more effective ways to tell your story such as – video, podcasts, etc. But in the era where the attention span is nothing but short and getting shorter, you have to take advantage of the fastest storytelling methods you can find. And graphics, you can communicate your key message in less than a few seconds which will eventually lead to the viewer exploring your business more.

The instant effect of well-designed graphics is most noticeable on social media platforms. While the users are scrolling through countless posts, news and ads, the most effective way to hook their attention are with effective design.


Effective Perspectives

Most top companies in the world now, have their design teams positioned at the same level their administrative teams. Creatives are now considered a significant party within the decision-making process. And its for good reason.

Designers, especially graphic designers, are trained on one thing more intensely than anything else. And no it’s not Photoshop. They are taught to make things look better, sometimes better than things actually are. And it builds in them a psychological skill to understand the perspectives of general viewers better than most. Software used in graphic design are just tools to put this skill to use. If you are not a designer yourself, consider having a designer within your decision makers and you’ll be gifted with ideas and perspectives you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. You’ll get effective insights on your own customers.


Creating Well Rounded Cultures

A company with structured visual designs in every aspect, says a lot about its key people and how its being run. When from the first impression, a company creates a massive impact visually, every employee and stakeholder feels obligated to maintain that standard. Companies that typically deal with people directly, tend to have employees who always dress sharp. Because they understand how to look more trustworthy to people. If the designs used for your business, product, and services are well thought out and structured, it will be noticed and it will have an impact. And everyone involved in communicating the value will feel the need to keep up with the level of sophistication.


Despite understanding the value of design, it’s understandable that getting started with it can be daunting. But take just one step, maybe get someone to help, and establish your brand identity system and you’ll soon see it affecting your brand.


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