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Effective B2B Lead Generation Strategies

According to the digital agency network there are about half a million agencies crowding the global industry. When competition is this high, just hiring a sales team is probably an obsolete strategy. The power of outsourcing opens a world full of options for businesses to outsource their work to. A decade ago generating leads for agencies was all about offering low cost services. Now though, it’s more about the quality of work that agencies deliver. Before you even make a sale, you must provide evidence that you can deliver effectively. So what goes into generating quality leads for any agency goes beyond sales.

In 2019, we find these to be the most effective leads generation strategies:

  • Low-frequency content marketing suggests that 80% of your leads should come from 20% of your content. Now content marketing is not new, however “low-frequency” has crucial implications as a strategy. The only way you can get a reward of 80 by only putting in 20, stresses upon the quality of content that you put out. Interestingly, Hubspot did A/B testing on their content titles as a strategy and upped their leads by 776%. Repurposing content with new titles has to be one of the most cost-effective strategies we have seen. So instead of creating content every day, take your time, try new things, and make every piece of content exceptionally good.

  • Scrap your inquiry forms because inbound leads generation is a strategy that works best for the best of the best, probably the top three agencies in your space. Prospective clients want to know what you’ll do for them, at what cost, and why you should do it. So let them know these in person. Set up a meeting in person, or over skype and give them a personalized audit. As a lead generation strategy this might not sound cutting edge, but the chances of conversion of leads to sales will definitely sky-rocket. This brings us to the next point,

  • Automate outbound sales processes by creating a system that  generates qualified leads for the sales team.  Venture Harbour put it this way – assessing a qualified prospect is just as important as your lead generation strategy. Generating leads in the thousands but not qualified ones will only burn through your expenses. They recommended a few of the best tools to automate prospecting quality leads as the strategy.

  • Strategic partnerships works best for us by taking some burden off of capturing our  leads. Instead, we borrow some from other companies as a strategy. For example, an SEO agency can partner with a creative agency to offer design services to its clients. This is perhaps the best exchange of expertise that benefits all three of stakeholders in this particular scenario. Till date this has been one of the biggest boosters of our lead generation strategies.

Finally to close the deal, we suggest you do it by hand. Make the calls you need to, shoot the emails, and meet your prospective clients in person. If you’ve tried something that doesn’t work, ditch it and try something else. The key here is to make the changes in time, good luck.

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