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The Impact Of Brand Identity Design On Your Business

Branding is the oldest tool used by the biggest of corporations to get bigger, or at least seemingly so. Brand identity is an abstract, that helps customers to conceptualize a company’s value proposition. This enables interaction between a company and its customers by binding them within a set of values.

Brand identity often starts with the company logo, but a good one goes way beyond it. The most popular example is perhaps Coca-Cola. Assuming that you imagined the color red on a cursive script just right now, is perhaps evidence of how prominent of a brand Coke has managed to establish. While the color red signifies confidence in the person who drinks Coke, the scripture conveys a unique sense of fun and enjoyment. In other words “brand” is the emotional stimulation of the imagery that is conveyed by “identity”.

Today, more individuals and small enterprises are active in business than ever before. Therefore, branding is a tool that is increasingly being adopted by most, if not all of them to get a competitive edge.

Firstly, it forms the basis for any one to remember a company, its name, logo, or just a feeling. Coca-Cola for instance, represents a sense of celebration. More importantly, it does so with consistency. The timeless nature of a logo, or a brand identity resonates authenticity and reliability of a company. Finally, the easier it is to interpret a brand logo in any language, be it through design, or name, the higher the continuity and competitiveness of the business. While a good product generates customers, a good brand generates advocates, thereby maximizes the customer lifetime value.

There are millions of articles on what goes into establishing a solid brand identity. Simply put though, we think this is the best way to go about it:

    • Research the target market to validate your product or service and solidify the value proposition before taking on competition.
    • Design the logo and template that clearly communicates your value proposition and justify why it is one of a kind.
    • Use a language and design that positions you exclusively in the customer’s mind, and engages a community of advocates for your company and what it stands for.
    • A good brand knows how to avoid giving customers mixed messages, copying its competitors just because, and the lack of consistency between the online and offline presentation of it


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