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Brand Image: Importance of Blending Art Into Your Business

A brand’s identity is what translates the value proposition of a business for its customers. A deeper sense of a brand image is perhaps understood as the orientation of a business to its customers using art as a tool. Today more companies are using artistic designs as a strategy to pull in the masses towards their products. One explanation could be that art opens interpretations, which in turn allows increasing number of  consumers to form opinions which are highly subjective, and strongly advocate for a brand. This reinforces a brand’s appeal and therefore equity.

Take the iPhone X for instance, while the screen melts all the way to the sides creating an edge to edge display, a notch hanging from the top accommodates the camera and sensors. Now we can spend hours arguing about its design and the artistic intentions beyond the utilities, but it created a stark division between consumers; there are those who love the design, and those who can’t stand it.


Image- A graceful artistic presentation


This can be translated into perceived value of such products and brands. In the study, “Art and the Brand: The role of visual art in enhancing brand extendability” (2008), researchers found that using art has positive impact on brand image by transferring a sense of luxury from art with increased flexibility or openness to interpretations by the customers. Today, we see countless fashion and luxury brands adopting art as a tool for branding. Another example is Absolute Vodka’s range of 4 million “Unique” bottles that are exclusively designed. One simply can’t get rid of the bottle even years after the drink is over because art is worth preserving.   

Most brands while rebranding today are taking the artistic approach. However, it is important that you let your consumer demands remain your first priority, and also make sure that brand communication doesn’t get lost in the translation of art.

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