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Top Design Trends In Branding 2019

It’s 2019 and almost everyone you know is either an entrepreneur or are aspiring to be one. Build something of our own is the narrative embraced by the tech-savvy generation. You’re probably reading this because your idea, product, and the strategy are in check. A solid base of customers, maybe not yet. For that you need a brand that’s at least seemingly as good as Apple, Google, or BMW. These are the brand designing trends we found are being embraced in 2019.

  • 3D designs and typography according to 99designs.com are in for 2019. people naturally gravitate towards designs that pop. This is why you probably see a lot of rendered 3D compositions and imagery all around. While not all of them are beautiful, but popping out, the design seems to be present in the same dimension as you, so you stop to take a look at it. While your options of typography are virtually endless, serifs seem to be making their way back into the fashion industry. You also might want to stick to bold ones if you want to grab attention in seconds.

  • Gradients and duo tones have always been good for aesthetics, and probably will always be. They are especially popular among tech companies. One color logo is just not good enough. While Disney makes full use of gradients, Apple makes use of it more subtly. Spottify on the other hand embraces the duo tone. While the secret probably lies in making colors blend well, spacing between the color bands can be used to give a sense of transparency and highlighting key features of a brand according to Pentagram.  

  • Negative spaces are tricky, but certainly one of the cleverest styles of designing. Designers use it to convey messages using empty spaces in their visuals. Negative spaces are clever because they allow designers to add levels to brand designs allowing to use more than one images in designs. Some of the most popular adoption of negative spaces can be seen in the logos of Toblerone, FedEx, and NBC.

  • Neo-minimalism is often seen in illustrations. While minimalism is a trend well worn out over the past few years, in the world of designers, it has evolved more as a genre. It is tones down details further and uses a lot of negative space combined with a vivid mix of colors and bold typography. Generally used in video presentations like those in TED, startups like Uber use it for UI illustrations.

A lot of this is playing with consumer psychology; what ticks, what makes them take a second look at your product. Your company will certainly fail with a great product if your designs are bad. So you might want to hire a designer right about now.

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